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Minstrel Recruiting
May 28, 10 10:56 AM
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 Welcome to the Lords of Valhalla

Hello everyone and welcome to the new kin page set up by our very own Traycn. Please feel free to sign up. New events and other fun stuff will be set at a later date for all of our enjoyment. 

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Minstrel Recruiting

Stahlfaust, May 28, 10 10:56 AM.
Hello all,

I have talked to Norse a little bit about coming up with some bonus incentives for recruiting Minstrels into the kinship.  As we all know they are critical to successfully completing high level instances.  Keep an eye out for minis and quality healing RKs when you are pugging.  I am interested in hearing what you all think about contributing to a bonus fund to be given to kinmates who recruit Minstrels.  Perhaps a scalable system.  For example...1 gold for recruiting a level 1-10 mini, 2 gold for 11-20, etc...

We need a minimum of 3 dedicated Minstrels in this kin if we want to tackle the nasty 12 man instances.  Furthermore, it gives us the ability to run 6 person instances that are made up solely of kin members.  Nothing is worse than running an instance with four kinsmen only to have all the goodies end up in the possession of outsiders.

High quality minstrels are at an absolute premium in this game and we should do what we can to woo them into our kinship as well as reward kinmates who recruit them.

What you all think
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